BurnSwap Acquires Splassive to Create a Cross-Chain DeFi Powerhouse

2 min readApr 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that BurnSwap has acquired Splassive, a leading DeFi protocol on AVAX. This strategic merger will create a new and powerful cross-chain DeFi protocol, BurnSwap, which will operate on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum networks, combining the best of both blockchains’ features.

As part of this merger, investors of the Tap, holders of Splash, Wave, and Storm.money tokens will be rewarded a percentage of their assets in $BURNS credits in the BurnSwap staking protocol once it launches towards the end of April. This will allow Splassive community members to earn high yields on their holdings by coming together to create a powerful DeFi protocol.

We believe that this acquisition is a significant milestone for both BurnSwap and Splassive. We are excited about the potential this new protocol has to offer and believe that it will provide Splassive users with the best value in the current conditions.

We are currently working with the Splassive team to go over all of the wallets in the ecosystem to confirm that investors will receive up to 50% value of their current investment. From there, they will be able to stake in BurnSwap for a minimum of 7 days and earn up to 1096% APR.

To facilitate this merger, the Splassive team will halt trading and pause the Splassive chat. We encourage all members to join the BurnSwap Telegram group for any questions or concerns.


We appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to building a powerful DeFi protocol together.

Best regards,

The BurnSwap Team.




BurnSwap is a decentralized finance protocol aimed at providing an all-in-one destination for DeFi users