BurnSwap Launching Seed Raise with Sidekick Finance’s JumpStart Program: Leveraging NFTs to Raise Capital

2 min readMar 22, 2023

BurnSwap, a new cross-chain decentralized exchange, is breaking new ground by using NFTs to crowdfund its idea for an EVM-compatible decentralized exchange. BurnSwap has recently announced its seed raise with Sidekick Finance’s JumpStart Program, offering a unique approach to crowdfunding.

JumpStart is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that lets people fund any idea, DAO, or business in a transparent, safe, and decentralized way. Using NFTs and smart contracts, JumpStart ensures every step in the fundraising process is verifiable and traceable since it’s built on-chain. In addition to these innovative features, BurnSwap's JumpStart seed raise offers rare NFTs and exclusive NFT benefits.

BurnSwap NFT holders get a share of the project's outside income from its investments in EMP and Taylor Capital. You can choose to burn your NFT for a 182.5% APY stake booster or hold it for external revenue. Furthermore, NFT holders receive a 5% bonus on purchased public presale $BURNS tokens and a free BurnSwap T-shirt for each NFT they hold.

Through BurnSwap’s seed raise with JumpStart, contributors can invest with confidence and transparency, knowing that they are contributing to the future of crowdfunding. With the use of NFTs for crowdfunding, BurnSwap is at the forefront of a new era of decentralized finance, offering a fresh and innovative approach to fundraising.

Join BurnSwap on its journey towards creating a truly decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, powered by NFTs and the JumpStart program. With exclusive NFT perks and rewards, contributors can be confident they are investing in a safe and transparent way toward a brighter future for decentralized finance.

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary opportunity to be a part of BurnSwap’s seed raise with Sidekick Finance’s JumpStart Program. Click the link below to learn more about the exclusive NFT perks and rewards that BurnSwap is offering its contributors!

BurnSwap’s Seed Raise Campaign




BurnSwap is a decentralized finance protocol aimed at providing an all-in-one destination for DeFi users